Mandy: Jobs under 200 quid should automatically be opportunities?

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Just a thought, as I don't post often, nor comment, however I have noticed that quite recently Mandy has been allowing far too many jobs to be posted that pay 70 quid or under for the day. That is nowhere near what a professional actor should accept for their talent, and (IMO) anybody that accepts that kind of work ISN'T a professional (or doesn't respect the craft!) They should automatically go into the "opportunities" bin for students, wannabees, etc.

Up for discussion...

  • 4 years ago
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Well , I was considering the same thing myself . I mean , I’ve got work until March . It won’t allow me to cast anyway . And frankly why should I continue to pay all this money for castings which barely cover my monthly subscription, or the travel costs to get to jobs . It’s beginning to really annoy the @@@ out of me . Reading great showreel footage etc . ...... I don’t want half hearted low paid barely usable footage . I want reasonable paid work , which has a fair chance of giving me a professional credit .

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Hi Everyone, I am a late starter into this industry and have read all of your comments with great interest. It was recommended that I do student films etc for experience, so have a applied for a few, but my tutors all tell me I have a valuable talent and should work for free or little, so I will definitely be guided by all of you. Thank you for posting.

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Toni Brooks

Who are your tutors? That sort of advice from so called professionals is a good part of why this industry is going downhill. Please don’t work for nothing unless it’s a collaboration with friends and fellow creatives - definitely not for students and definitely not for commercial work. Have a look at Equity’s rate cards. X

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