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Toni Brooks

If people want 'real' people and not actors - who as we all know are not real at all and just made up - why on earth do they advertise on casting sites? why not just advertise in their local libraries, job centres, community centres? we often get told casters don't want time wasters - well, this sort of casting wastes my time.

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Jeremy Reece

Excellent point. Yet actors are usually better at being 'real people' when in front of a camera or live audience, whereas non actors usually get very self concious, don't know what to do with their hands etc. or 'overact'.

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Adam Anouer


Don't really think there's much more that needs saying here. Presumably the idea is to give a more "authentic" feel which usually backfires due to the reason Jeremy just stated. The one thing that does go array however is chemistry, the natural rapport between to people and that maybe where the differences come in.

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I totally agree with the above. there was a casting recently looking for 'real people' watching TV and commenting about it! There's an actual TV show which is about 'real' people watching TV & is very popular with a certain demographic audience; The trouble with these 'real' people requirements is that if you research you find/see that they're anything
but !They are totally 'acting up' for the 'fly on the wall' camera;Lets face it, Most people I've come across who watch Tv do exactly not talk!
These sort of castings are very ambiguous in their range requirements and if not specific can be a complete waste of time for the actor especially if they've been asked to submit a self tape!

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