Starving for Our Craft: The Battle for Livable Wages in Acting

I am feeling incredibly frustrated with the low pay rates offered to actors and the challenges of making a living in the entertainment industry. I understand that the industry can be tough, but as artists, we deserve fair compensation for our work.

Recently, I was offered a role in a play for 1k pm and a film for 1.7k per a film 4o days work !! that were below what I believe to be fair to make a living!! . While I was excited about the opportunities, I refused to work outside of London without payment upfront or having my travel expenses covered. I am tired of accepting low wages and basic minimum wage, as it is not sustainable for artists.

I am aware that only 4% of actors make a high living wage, while the rest of us are left to struggle. It is time for us to come together and demand fair compensation for our talents. We must value ourselves and our time as artists, and not settle for less.

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I think we should all be leaving honest (allbeit negative) reviews here: (Currently a 4* rating) (Currently a 1.4* rating) (Currently a 1.8* rating)

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Couldn’t have put it better myself Joe. And those trust pilot review sites I didn’t know about, I’ll check them out Jamie.

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It's so frustrating that Mandy allow posts offering less that a full day at NMW. It's a kick in the teeth to see a job offered for £50 or £70 for "a couple of hours work". Yeah mate, you're paying us for being trained professionals who have to prepare and travel there and back, not simply "a couple of hours work" At least the old Mandy insisted on a full day's pay at NMW as minimum (I think), although even that was a little demoralising.

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Toni Brooks

It’s illegal to hire people for less than minimum wage. I put the rates on another thread about who’s landing jobs. And the entertainment business is no exception. It actually says that on the government’s site.

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I though the self-employed weren't covered by NMW/LLW?

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Toni Brooks

As actors under contract, we are employees.

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Hi All,
Please continue to leave honest (allbeit negative) reviews about Backstage etc here:

- (Currently a 3.5* rating) (down from 4.5*)

- (Currently a 1.3* rating) (down from 2*)

- (Currently a 1.5* rating) (down from 2.5*)

This is helping us in the fight against poor fees, working conditions and rogue castings.

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