"Urgent" job remained listed after being cast

I'm fairly new to actively participating on Mandy. Is it a regular occurrence for jobs to stay posted on the board even after they have been cast? I wouldn't usually care, but on this occasion I had made a self-tape as requested and put some thought into it. Really annoying that the producers then instantly de-listed the job a few minutes after I sent my tape through. My submission had obviously served as a reminder to take the job down. As actors we're expected to be professional and efficient; so it would be really nice if employers met the same standards....!

Editorial Comment Hi Audrey, thanks for posting on our Forum! Employers are able to archive their jobs should they feel they have received enough applications - so we'd always encourage members to submit as soon as possible. On this occasion, it sounds like your application was submitted in the nick of time - but if there's anything else we can help with please get in touch via emails@mandy.com. Thanks!

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If it's the one I think it was from yesterday, I also taped as quickly as I could. I realised it was a long shot as the job is today. I imagine they took the Ist person who taped well rather than doing a comparison. I said please contact me asap if interested so kept checking. Also if a job is closed after you get an application in, there is still a chance they will get back to you. But this was a very short turnaround.

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Thank you for the replies, and yes Jill, it was that one! I kept checking too, because I suspected it might suddenly get de-listed; just not minutes after I submitted. Anyway, it's all a learning curve and I really appreciate the responses because the more I understand the system, the less I will get caught out (hopefully). Good luck for future submissions! X

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I flat out refuse to do first round auditions. And this is one of the reasons.

This upfront self tape application model needs to be abolished!

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Thank you for your thoughts on this Tony. Clearly lots to consider before deciding what to apply for!

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How’s that going for you Tony?

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Luke Owen

Lol Tony - as a director, if someone said they didn't do first round auditions I would politely tell them that they won't be doing a second round audition either.

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It would seem less time consuming for both director and actors to ask for a headshot first and then ask those he wants to self tape .Otherwise the actor is doing self tapes which he is not going to be considered for and the director will have several tapes we may not watch because he/she /they don’t think the person is right for the part

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This particular job was shooting the next day. I was surprised they didn't cast from showreels but on that day had the time to do a quick tape..I understood what was needed in terms of speed for this particular casting and took my chances....sometimes you have to weigh up the pros and cons and give it a go. I expect they were in the middle of a shoot and didn't have the time to do anything differently..

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"sometimes you have to weigh up the pros and cons and give it a go".

You've summed that up perfectly for me, Jill. It seems like we all just need to make our own judgements regarding self-taping at first audition stage, and only do what we're comfortable with.

I'll keep on giving it a go, I think - because they are quite fun to put together! (and self-taping always holds far more appeal than doing the ironing....)

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Hi Luke,

Think about it this way similar to what Beth said. If you’re asking actors to do first round auditions from a directors end you’re getting tapes from people who probably aren’t suited for a role at all you’re wasting your time and making more work for yourself. From an actors point of view you might tape for something that doesn’t even get seen. More work on both ends.

If I apply for a role and I’m shortlisted then I know they have highlighted me to be in contention. Work then gets reduced on both sides and you have a much higher chance of your tape being seen and the production companies and director have a good idea on who they want. This isn’t arrogance this is me like Jill says weighing up the pros and cons.

& Louie, I’m doing not bad I’m lucky my portfolio and my experience and reels are there and they help me over the line on a lot of jobs without having to do first round unshortlisted tapes.

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Also Audrey, it’s frustrating but don’t be disheartened you got lots of experience. I’m more than happy to help anyone if they require because I know how hard this industry is. :)

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And Luke,

One more thing sorry, you’re gonna find it hard to turn me down for a second round audition when my application didn’t exist in the first round because of my above principles lol :)

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Hi, Tony mostly I also don't do unsolicited tapes either, I've been in the business since 1969! I still love acting and get really good castings from my coop agency. However, I now have the time to indulge any whim to occasionally think outside the box, which is why I love working with young filmmakers. I recently did a Straight8 film that ended up in Cannes. Sometimes if you put yourself in the filmmakers shoes you can see what they are going through too. In principle I hate unsolicited self tapes but if for whatever reason it is shooting the next day I understand it.. This is what this post was originally about I think. Anyway started a good chat but over and out from me now I think.

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I wasn’t looking for a debate, I seen the thread and responded that they’re not for me. If people want to do tapes like that good luck to them and everyone else. :)

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Sorry - I didn't mean to trigger any contention (and hopefully there hasn't been any really, just some differing views...) From a personal perspective, as someone only very recently active on Mandy, I am really grateful to everyone for their thoughts, and always appreciate other actors' generosity in sharing their experiences. And I should have said - congratulations to whoever DID get that urgent job, well done for getting your tape in quickly and getting a day's work out of it !! Wishing everyone much success with their future endeavours x

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