Brixton Room for filmmaker/artist/creative

  • Octavio Rosado

    Script Supervisor

    We have a double room in Brixton in a massive quirky house shared with a screenwriter/script consultant/filmmaker and a fashion designer.

    The house has two living rooms:

    - the smaller one is permanently evolving has been used as an office, workshop, and lounge area. It's great for photoshoots.

    - the big room has a projector for movie nights and a PlayStation 4. This space has been also the stage of life drawing sessions and is where we usually hang out.

    The room is an interior room with a window to our bright area, so there is light coming from this space and room has a good size with a double bed, desk, a set of drawers without feeling totally crammed up.

    The price is 650 plus bills. We believe that it's a good price considering the size of the common areas (shared only between 3 flatmates so you will feel that you actually own the place), the two gardens it has, the location (10m away from Brixton Station) and it's a brand new flat recently renovated with a new kitchen, new floor, new wall paint.

    We would love to have someone from the filmmaking or any other creative community living with us. Reach out if you want to live with like-minded people. Let us know a bit about yourself and we will schedule a viewing.

    • 21st Jan 2021
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