Help needed

So I’m looking to make a showreel but realistically, does it need to be cinematic or is just a well recorded scene ok? and should I be paying over £200 just for one scene? Help!

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Andrea Gould

Hi forum people! Is there anyone out there who can edit acting video footage? Usually it would be from YouTube or Vimeo.
Many thanks

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Matt Colyer

Hi Andrea,

I’ve actually just posted a thread about offering my skills to edit peoples showreels and voice reels, I’m self taught and looking to build a portfolio so would be happy to do it for free if you still need someone?

I edited my showreels on my profile, they’re fairly standard. Let me know!


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(Getting this thread back on track....)

It should be well ACTED. Cinematic or not doesn't matter (and by default, well-recorded either way).

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Leon Rock

Showreel editing

We are a a team of three and we edit existing show reels from £60 depending on what your needs and direction are,

We are a small production company and are here for actors trying to get in the industry,

We also have lots of tips and tricks to get in front of the right people,

We have also started a YouTube channels and want to interview up and coming actors.

Please get in touch if we can help.

Or the [email protected]

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