Actor in a wheelchair

Are there any jobs going for actors in a wheelchair. I have recently performed in an opera with Garsington opera, I am in a Drama group and have performed I'm many plays.. I have sang at open mics and festivals and recited poetry.
I also do zumba and wheelchair dancing

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Fahad Salman

Hi Michelle, I hope your well, I would say just keep applying to all roles, forget that you’re a wheelchair user, actors should be judged on their talents and not their physical or mental disability. Apply for roles you see yourself wanting to be apart of and have a go at.

I have many actor friends who suffer from mental and physical health but they apply for everything, for short films, films, theatre, commercials and so on.

I’m wishing you the very best of luck with everything, the best advice I can give you is that, you go for it and apply for any roles you want to have a go at and don’t limit yourself, your an actress, directors and casting directors needs to see your talents, and you should be judged on your talents only and not anything else.

And hope we can work together very soon, so keep applying and god bless you and hope to see you soon :)

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