Mini Documentary collaboration

Rich Walker

Hi there,

My name is Rich and I’m a director. I work in advertising and commercial and have made a few narrative shorts over the past few years.

I’m interested in making some mini documentaries and am looking for someone who is interested in collaborating. It’s something I’m keen to do in the longer term and would be interested in talking to likeminded people about developing a working relationship.

My interests are pretty broad, but things related to sport, automotive and youth culture are of particular interest.

I’ve got some of my own gear to get things made so am looking for someone who’s on a similar wavelength. If that sounds like fun feel free to get in touch.


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Namrita Kaur
Make-up Artist (Assistant)

Hi Rich

I’m a hair and makeup artist. I would to do a collab. You can contact me on

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Private User
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Hi Rich

I’m an editor and would love to work on something documentary related revolving around the automotive or motorsport field. Send us a message if you would like to discuss more.


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Rosie Badder


I am an editor based in London. My email is, email me to chat. Would love to collab. Documentaries are a passion of mine and my particular interests are youth culture and art.


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Patience Botsio
Director of Photography

There are films but there are films. The ones that live on are those that has carefully and logical created as a piece of art that tells compelling stories. If you need a calm, people loving, and someone passionate about filmmaking and pays attention to detail, i am the one you need. It is my goal to provide support and expert knowledge in lighting and lighting design, camera operation and movement, artistic shot composition and equipment choice in creating something amazing for its audience. I have completed a master's in cinematography and a self taught photographer. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07943923011 or or on Instagram @imakubotsio for initial discussions. Showreels are provided upon request.

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Colin Ramsay

Hey Rich, would love to catch up and talk doco ideas. I'm a producer/director (Commercial & Documentary) based in Cambridge with strong links into Science & Tech. Thematically, I'm interested in how tech impacts society and how we navigate through the Age of Crisis, would also like do some character led pieces with younger people.

If any of that makes you curious, hit me up -

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Lauren Samways
Production Assistant

Hi Rich, i recently graduated in media production, specialising in documentary - I have directing and editing experience and would love to be involved. I recently worked on Chickenshed, collaborating with an inclusive London theatre company throughout Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions. I'm interested in utilising the film medium to visualise human stories, raising important issues and awareness for social issues - hence Chickenshed and the importance of inclusivity and diversity within the arts.

Heres a link to Chickenshed -

If you're interested get in touch!

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Sean McAlinden
Production Assistant

Hi Rich,

This sounds like a fantastic opportunity! I'm very interested in collaborating.

I can work as a COVID Supervisor/ Runner on a project. I have plenty of professional experience and love solving problems!

Feel free to email me and I'll hopefully see you on set!



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Jeanna Mortimer
Editor (Offline)

Hi Rich,
I had a similar impulse a few years ago - to make a series of mini documentaries about mavericks, people who are doing something unusual or against the grain. Unfortunately, I became too busy with work and the idea never fully formed. I think it's a great format.

Although I am mainly editing narrative, I have done couple of documentaries in the past - please take a look at my Imdb
and worked with one of the most established doc production company (Passion Pictures).

I am also looking to expand my network and meet like minded people.
Look forward to to your reply whenever you get a chance.


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Private User
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Hi there,

I normally work in commercials but lately I’ve been more interested in working on documentaries. If you have an idea and need a DP, please get in touch.


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Private User
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Hi Rich, I'm a sound recordist/sound designer looking to collaborate, this project sounds excellent!
My email is

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Tom Turner

Hey Rich,

Not sure how active this thread - or indeed this forum - is, but if you’re still building your network, I’d definitely like to register my interest. I’m based in Cornwall, which isn’t ideal, but will happily volunteer my services in a post-production capacity, for any projects you’re developing. I have a particular interest in social justice and youth issues.

I have a lot of experience across the board, and a few awards for my documentary work.

If you think you can make use of me, please do get in touch.

All the best,


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