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Shannon Hammond
Content Producer

Hey all,

I'm Shannon Hammond, I currently work as a Content Manager for an International Golf Marketing company.

However, my real focus and passion are short/feature films. I'm looking for some new projects that have some heart, you can see my website here -

I can do it all when it comes to producing, I have also been a casting director and an assistant director for many projects.

I'd love to hear from you!

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Haydn Worley

Hi Shannon,

I'm a London-based screenwriter but from Southampton! I would love to explore if we could be a good fit, and I'm looking for producers to collaborate with.

You can see my website for info on me and some of my projects: I'd like to think many of these/other projects have a lot of heart! My email address is:

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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Alexandre Oldcorn

Hey Shannon,

I am a young, French-American screenwriter, recently graduated from London Film School's Screenwriting MA, looking to always expand his network, and specifically producers who could perhaps produce/ help produce one of my short scripts.

I have sent you my Writer's CV, and would be glad to send you whatever interests you (if anything does lol).

Best regards,

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Izichi Elenwo

Hey Shannon
That’s fantastic. Please do get in touch with me if you want to form a creative team. I’m passionate about filmmaking l, creative writing and directing. I’ve done various freelance works especially with mobile photography working with models and a few recording artist for music videos. I studied performing arts and film at university of Kent my strong point is fantasy writing and story/world building. will be delighted to get stuck in a team of creators.

Can email me at
Or text me on 07756356647

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Violette Calleux

Hello Shannon,
I am a young writer and filmmaker based in the UK. I will soon relocate to London and be able to take more important positions over there. However, I am always writing and preparing new projects. Having just finished a weekend shoot, I am already working on my next short film!
I would love to talk to you about filmmaking opportunities and learn from your experiences.
You can contact me at
Very best,

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Apoorv Arora


I am a Producer/Creative producer and the founder of Apoorv Arora Films based in Los Angeles. We work with a team of producers, directors, and cinematographers, and together we have produced films, music videos, and commercials. We have produced over 40 music videos with over 400 Million views on Youtube and TV promos for Disney's Frozen 2.

Anyone who wants to get in touch,
Email me at:

Apoorv Arora
Film Producer

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Hey Shannon !
I do share the passion of yours! Would be happy to collaborate as a PA /Runner /Casting Assistant .
Do not hesitate to contact me !
Here my email :

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Mark J. Lovegrove
Writer / Director

Hello, yes, possibly! Though a slightly different situation than may be typical to write here. "I am an X and Y" etc. Turns out all my previous credits are now moot. I'm a novice director but I have found my audience, a large, international, hungry audience. However my productions have plateaued and I need help to reach the next level. Not a "one off" producer role, though it could be, however longer term would likely be more beneficial as there will be money to make, royalties to keep, hell you can even own a percentage of the company if you help set it up. What I need is someone to investigate industrial units that can be rented and filled with a semi-permanent set. As I said, I'm a director, so dealing with sales agents, liasing blah blah, it's not what I do. What I have is the product and the hungry audience. But I need a dedicated space to create the product. I have industry contacts in the wings including UK and USA effects studios that I would hope to bring into the fold as they have all agreed to help in some capacity when I have a studio. The costs at this stage are not too much of an issue, myself and the audience can probably front a bunch of it, though your ability to generate investments would certainly be useful. Even a few low cost investments might cover a unit to use as a studio for one rental period, and I'm confident I can make that back (if they are low cost investments of say 1-2k... I can't pay back 200k lol). Beyond the setup of the studio, well, then will be pumping out productions so you'd be able to act as producer for those and that's when things would come down to a "per project" level, essentially. As I'm sure you understand, we can ultimately find one off producers anywhere and everywhere. Do I need you for a one off film project? No. But if you want to support a director who has found his niche and has almost total command over the audience in that niche, and you can help me find an affordable (or invested in, dedicated studio space) then there will be rewards to reap for many years to come. I know, surprise surprise, someone making big claims. I'm holding pandora's box over here and asking me to quantify that is silly...nobody knows what is in it or what comes out of it exactly. The question is are you willing and/or daring enough to open it? Thanks for reading! And all the best with your producing endeavours :)

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David Cassandra
Music Professional

Greetings Shannon,

My name is David and I am a composer with a lots of years of experience (18+). I have worked in Italy and Ireland and I would love to hear from you, here is something you can look at:
My contacts are:
Phone: +447519600874

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi Shannon,

Having recently graduated in film production, I also have the passion for the industry! Always looking for work as a production assistant/runner, aspiring to be a producer! Would love to get in touch with you and learn from your experience

My email is:

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Private User
This profile is private

Hello Shannon,
I'm an award-winning short drama film writer-director, and planning to apply to the BFI NETWORK short film funding scheme with my short comedy 'Keith'. I'm looking for a film producer for this and other feature projects. Previously I've worked for the BBC and ITV on factual films, and also produced television commercials. 'Keith' is a funny short script, which I hope you will like! I'm based in Ilford, East London, and look forward to hearing from you.

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