Seeking others for collabs!

Tristan Nelson

Director from Bedfordshire seeking others to collaborate with on short narratives. Short trip from London. Experienced in shooting on film (16mm) & digital. In post production for a black & white 16mm visual poem due next year and hoping to shoot a straight8 soon.

Whatever you do, reach out. Let's connect. Let's create!
Socials: @lovecabinfilms

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Marco Beyermann
Camera Operator (HD)

Hey Tristan, London based DOP here. I would be up to team up on any interesting project. I'll reach out on IG.


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Richard Barnes
Script Writer

Hey, mate. Screenwriter/ Director here, happy to help in anyway, you can reach me on Linkedin if you wish!

All the best!

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Hi Tristan, I'm a sound recordist based an hour north of Bedford. Am interested in getting involved in your project. Feel free to message me or call on the number on my profile. Richard

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Chris huang
Director of Photography

Hi Tristan,

This is Chris a London based cinematographer interested in connecting with you.

IG: moronchris10

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Cleopatra Southcombe
Camera Assistant

Hi Tristan,

I am a Camera Assistant/ Focus Puller based in Central London. I would be happy to offer my services. I have previously worked on Shorts, Features, Commercial, Documentaries, Sci-Fi and Music videos.

I will attach my portfolio page and here is my email, get in touch if interested.




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Hi Tristan,

I would be very much up for collaborating.

For a number of years I have written my own feature length screenplays and short film scripts, have been a screenplay finalist in national screenwriting competitions, and I'm currently providing script editing/appraisal services for filmmakers, for free, as I build up contacts, experience and testimonials, before planning to do this on a paid, professional basis.

I have excellent editing and copywriting skills, being a fully qualified newspaper journalist and also a published academic writer (author of the Columbia University Press book on the infamous film I Spit On Your Grave), the latter having seen me deliver presentations at various film conferences across the country and appear in numerous magazine/online interviews.

I have worked in film festivals for 13 years – I was a film programmer for the Leeds International Film Festival (the second largest festival in England) for 10 years, scheduling shows, looking after VIP guests, running Q&As and hosting events.

I am a senior communications manager with 30 years’ experience in corporate communications, public relations, media handling, event management and digital communications for various sectors. I also have an MA in Film Studies.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


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Hi everyone, I'm always up for collaboration, I'm primarily a video editor for Sony UK at the moment but I do also work with cinematography.
I am always looking for projects to work on and find amazing individuals to colab on projects!
Anyone with a project who needs an editor feel free to let me know!

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Mikhail Paikin
Script Writer

Hi Tristan! (and everyone else)

I am a screenwriter / producer, and a student at MetFilm School in London! Just got done helping produce a short for the 48 hour film festival, and in the process of producing a short to be shot later in the fall. Also trying to work on some writing at the moment. Would love to collaborate on anything! Feel free to reach out!
@mishaaaaa_aaaaa (instagram)

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Laura-Duthie Coupar
Crew, Theatre Professional

Hi Tristan and everyone

I am a Professional Chaperone for Musicals / Panto but seeking experience in film & TV as well.

Have extensive experience and qualifications in working with children from 3 - 18yrs old. Would love to collaborate with others and seek new networks.

I'm also Founder and Director of Props Mental Health for Arts & Ents Industry, specialising in Crisis & Traums, affiliated to 6ft From.

Please feel free to reach out for either Chaperone or MH

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