Corporate Murder Event

Hi, Folks! Back in the 1990s, my partner and I launched and ran a corporate murder night. We performed the event on approx 40 occasions - all very successful - testimonial letters available for inspection! Since we stopped performing, the script, props and associated material have lain idle and I thought it might be worth putting out this appeal to see if anyone would like the opportunity to bring it back to life! The evening involves 7 performers plus a stage manager. Would you - or would anyone you know or work with - like to discuss the possibility of purchasing the whole thing, lock, stock and barrel - or maybe performing it under license - financial arrangements open to discussion? Any interest out there? If so, please contact me via my Mandy Network actors page or by replying to this forum topic. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading this far. Terry Pearson

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Hi, Folks! Hoping this post will bring my original item re Corporate Murder Event back to the top of the pile! Looking forward to hearing of any potential interest. Thanks! Terry

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