7 Tips from leading Film Casting Director Jeremy Zimmermann

Jeremy Zimmermann is one of the UK’s leading casting directors and has worked on international productions for the past twenty years with such notable directors as Peter Yates, Ron Howard, Guillermo del Toro and Richard Attenborough. He was also nominated for an Emmy in 1995 for an ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement Award’.

To date Jeremy has worked on features such as Moon, Hellboy, Willow, Keeping Mum, Africa United and Night Train to Lisbon.

Jeremy Zimmerman Top Tips

  1. Keep correspondence short and concise.
  2. Feel free to approach casting directors directly.
  3. Ensure each of your headshots shows a different side of you.
  4. Prune your CV - you don’t need everything on there, just useful credits with good directors. Less is more.
  5. A good headshot is crucial.
  6. Leave them wanting more when it comes to auditions and showreels.
  7. Don’t listen to the negative voice in your head!

Actor Feedback

‘Very relaxed and insightful. Very useful chance to have an honest sit down with a top Casting Director in the industry. I also appreciated the 1-2-1 format which allowed a personal conversation outside of an audition setting.’ Matt Houston
‘Relaxed, comfortable, informative and fun! What a thrill to meet Jeremy after all these years - an astute, witty and lovely man.’ Jilly Bond

‘Useful and informative. Jeremy advised me on a lot of things, especially in terms of what I needed to develop and what my strengths are. Every actor should do a CCP Surgery - very useful.’ Sid Akbar Ali

‘Very helpful in terms of the advice on my CV.’ Anne-Sophie Marie‘Wonderful. It was lovely just to have time to chat. Thanks for making this possible.’ Amy Burke

‘It was a joy to meet Jeremy - he was informative about his process and what he looks for.’ Sammy Attalah

‘Very informative - a lovely guy!’ Eloise Black

‘Very helpful in terms of what I should do with my career and what I should work on and which direction to go. Such an honour and great pleasure to Jeremy - thank you so much!!’ Philip Andrew