Keeping safe online

For the safety and pleasure of users of forums there are some important things to remember, especially as some of you will be under 16 (although this should go for everyone)

DO NOT give out any personal information about yourself - either in a posting - or in a private message (PM). If you get a PM or a message that you are concerned or worried about, TELL YOUR PARENTS IMMEDIATELY and report it!

NEVER arrange to meet anyone else from a forum, without having your parents attend with you. If you're 16+ inform your parents and take someone along with you.

Be nice, be safe! We all want to learn from, and enjoy the companionship of, others in the performance industry. Always RESPECT the opinion of everyone on a forum - they might not have the same opinion as you, but that does not mean that they are wrong.... but ALWAYS be CAREFUL.

Ensure that you are careful in conducting your own checks when applying for acting jobs yourself and make sure that the ads are genuine. Inform a parent if in any doubt.

NEVER go alone to a venue when attending auditions. Take a parent who is comfortable with the person(s) conducting the auditions. Many companies will ask to see a child alone as most children perform better without a parent watching. This is standard practice, but the parent should be able to see the audition room, and be able to remain out of sight but within earshot.

Parents should take all reasonable precautions. Those auditions through an agent should already have some safety protocols in place (e.g. audition space). NEVER go to a private house.

When on a film shoot, all parents should be aware of the rules and regulations about children working on a set. YOU are there to protect them. All children under 16 need to be licenced.

Please be aware, that you have the right to say NO if you are remotely unhappy, or unsure of something you are being asked to do. All young people aged over 16 are still at risk, even though you don't need a chaperone - maybe even more so, because you will have the strong desire to please the director and not cause a fuss. No matter how desperately you want to be in a production, try to have pride in your abilities, and don't drop your standards.

Insist on reasonable safety protocols to be in place if you are being asked to do 'fight' scenes - or anything that may cause you injury. No-one has the right to put you in a position that might cause you any kind of injury, even accidental. Don't be unreasonable about it, but don't be walked over either! In the event of an on-set injury, report it to the first AD, and photograph it as soon as you can. Should the injury lead to further complications, the student/companies' insurance should cover costs.


Amanda Fairclough
Stage and Film School