Screen Acting Advice from HOLLYOAKS Director Adrian Bean

TV credits include: CASUALTY, HOLBY CITY, HOLLYOAKS, DOCTORS, EASTENDERS, CORONATION STREET. Ade is currently the Director of award-winning series Hollyoaks.

Adrian's Top Tips:

Screen Acting

  • Everything needs to be really naturalistic.
  • Be subtle with your facials movements and gestures.
  • Be aware of your eye line, make sure you are looking at the other actor.
  • When conveying emotions, work on fighting that emotion to make it come out more realistically.

In the Audition

  • You will usually audition sitting down and the session will be filmed.
  • In the initial chat, the director is looking to see if you are someone they want to work with. So be confident, friendly and most of all be yourself.
  • They also want to know that you understand the character, so be prepared to talk about how you've understood the character and the scene.
  • You don't have to be off book, but you do need to bring it off the page.
  • If you are auditioning for a scene opposite one of the soap's regulars, the director will be looking to see that you will be able to hold your own in a scene with an established character, so be confident and make the part your own.
  • Find the right pace for the scene. Be wary of labouring a scene by talking too slowly and adding unnecessary pauses.

On Set

  • TV moves very quickly, so you have to be prepared and know your scene and character inside out.
  • Be able to access a scene within a second's notice.
  • Be prepared for last minute changes. Lines are often added, removed or changed minutes before filming.

Furthering your career

  • Be proactive and contact casting directors with a short 2 line email and a direct link to your showreel and keep this up.
  • Do have regular contact with your agent to ensure they're furthering your career effectively.
  • When you are in a show, invite casting directors and directors to come and see you.

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