Showreel tips from Film & TV Director Simone Reynolds, CDG

About Simone Reynolds

Simone is an Internationally renowned film and TV casting director. She has cast over 30 films from Academy Award winning "Chariots of Fire" and "The Long Good Friday" to most recently "A Previous Engagement". Numerous TV series including the award winning drama "The Politician's Wife". Simone is a founder member of the Casting Directors Guild.

Simone’s Top Five for Showreels!

  • Less is more: A showreel should never be longer than 3 mins.
  • Pick up the pace: Fast paced scenes work well in a showreel format.
  • Short and sharp: Use short scenes that get straight to the action.
  • Opposites attract: Use contrasting content to show your range.
  • Quality counts: Use high quality clips that look professional.

Delegate Feedback

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