The Producer's View

We answer the most frequently asked questions about voice over work.

What does a good voiceover artist mean to you?

A good VO artist is very important. They can help sell an advert, promo or trailer, they really put the cherry on top!

Could you tell me a little about the studio set-up at your offices?

At my office, we have all the studios downstairs, so I just pop down the stairs to the dub suite! The VO artist goes into the VO booth down the hall. The audio engineer uses ProTools, the audio/sound program.

Are you recording all of the time?

Time depends on how many scripts we have, 1-2 hours usually! For my office, the VO artist usually comes in every 2 weeks to voice continuity and promos. I know other VO artists who voice live continuity, so they work at weird times.

Things are happening all the time in the dub suites, always producers booked in there with an audio engineer to do work.

What would you say are the pitfalls for voiceover actors?

I've never encountered this myself, but I can imagine the pitfalls of a VO artist are if they are too shy! A really good one is not afraid to go over the top if they are required to do it, and my experience is that they are really friendly, outgoing and great to work with.

What else do you use VO artists to produce other than animations?

Personally, I use VO artists only for voicing promos etc. I expect them to be friendly, open and professional.

Do you work with the same people again and again?

Most channels work with the same VO again and again. If you listen to like Channel 5 or Comedy Central it's always the same people doing continuity, for instance. We have the same; we have VO's we're really happy with, so it gives the channel a nice "feel" that it's always the same few voices they hear.

Do you have any amusing or surprising voiceover stories?

What always surprises me is how talented and versatile VO artists are. They can go from a "high action" trailer, straight over to a soft princess one, and they're never afraid to really go for it!

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