Which acting skills can you use at school and how?

Reading your "Back to School" competition entries was a truly inspirational experience so we decided to create a little hall of fame...

Share if you're on the quest to find motivation to fulfil your acting dreams or the daily life throws any obstacles at you. Acting is a wonderful journey, one you will never forget!


When I was in reception my teacher had to ask a different person each week to be my friend because I wasn't very good at making friends. But then I started acting and drama classes and I have lots of confidence and have lots of friends. Also I like standing up in class or assembly and doing presentations. Sometimes I use my acting skills to pretend I'm interested if my teacher is talking about something boring because I don't want her to be upset with me.
- Aden

Hello my name is Harry and I am 7 years old. I use my acting skills in school in P.E for team building and in our school plays and role play during literacy. Acting has helped me with my confidence and to make friends and I am not afraid to put my hand up in class and take a risk when I want to share an idea. I would really like to win this prize to help out my mum because she works really hard to pay for me and my sister and brother to go to drama. Thank you.
- Harry

I can use my tough brave acting skills as a lot of people call me a rabbit because of my teeth stick out which upsets me but I act ok & brave & tough despite wanting to cry inside.
- Hope

More amazing inspirational entries:

You needs lots of acting skills for school. Like convincing your teacher that a dog really did eat your homework! Or making the school nurse believe you have a migraine and can't do games! Or in drama lessons playing different parts! I hope i get the chance to show some of these acting skills working for you...obviously not the migraine one... unless it's for a headache commercial!
- Deanna

Pretending I'm concentrating and listening to the teacher while really I'm thinking of my Lego ninjago sets and how I can make them even more awesome!
- Jonah

I started acting in the classroom: where kids have debates, presentations and assemblies in front of each other. In these cases, qualities that come with acting need to be developed: an important one is confidence. It teaches kids to stand up, not be afraid, speak what is on their minds, but also to stand up to bullies.Acting could furthermore be helpful in the classroom as it is a way to make learning interactive and less boring for pupils. Acting is a way towards opening eyes, in a different, easier, more captivating way so to keep inspiring my generation.
- Gaia

I have learnt to be confident when I have to speak out in class. I used to be shy but since learning how to overcome my nerves to go on stage I am now brave when I have to do a presentation at school and I'm not scared of answering questions, even if I might be wrong!
- Lottie

There's so many to choose, so I'll mention the most helpful from the last week...Doing role play with my 'buddy'. Now I'm in Year 6 I am a buddy to a Year 1 kid. This week she felt nervous about a situation so we acted out the scenario so I could help her feel confident and happy :-)
- Ellie

There are many acting skills I use at school. Acting up and acting the clown are my favourites but I tend to use improvisation in classes, even if it's only to make it look like I'm having fun!
- Joshua

Acting helps me to be confident and to get up in front of people to talk. It helps me to make my friends and my teacher laugh! It helps me to get good parts in school plays and do well in drama. When I feel sad it can help me be happy again. Once it also helped me get the afternoon off school too, but don't tell my mum that! :))
- Agatha

I find my acting skills come in very handy when trying to look interested during my maths lessons ( I really do not enjoy maths!) I have also occassionally used them when I have forgotten to complete homework on time and been quite creative with my excuses! I do use my acting skills more honestly as well and have participated in school productions and in improvisation sessions during drama classes, which I really love.
- Joseph

When you're put in a group with people you may not like, you can pretend to be cheerful whilst in your head you're screaming. You try and view the world from their perspective and be part of it.On a more serious note you can use confidence when presenting to classes and act charming when teachers confront you about a missing piece of homework.
- Alicia

Definitely the use of expression - it's helped me loads when it comes to improving my reading skills. Ever since joining a drama club my teachers have commented on how great my reading has gotten!Also, the ability to act bright and happy even when someone has hurt your feelings. Don't let the bullies realise they've upset you.The biggest way it has helped though is giving me more confidence - I'm much better at presenting my work, and truly believe that I can achieve.
- Nerys

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