How to find well-paid work that fits around auditions and acting jobs

Everyone would like that job you can drop easily for auditions or when you get an acting job, but you can then go back to without someone else jumping into it.

Well I have some ideas for you. Firstly think of what you need- a day job or evening work? Everyone has differnt needs so remember this advice has to be tailored to you personally.

Front Of House - This is a job in the theatre box office, or selling ice creams/showing patrons to their seats. this is the most popular job amongst actors for a few reasons. You get to see live theatre while you work, and are also surrounded by fellow actors who can keep you in the loop about any news, or castings that may be happening at the moment. Obviously you will work evenings 6-10.30 ish so if you have a casting or workshop you can attend, plus there are lots of people to cover you if needs be. The downside is that you will be working most evenings and weekends and the pay is low.

Teaching Assistant/Supply Teacher.

Most actors who have trained have a degree (In acting) so if you have this plus previous experience in a classroom, then you are eligible to become a teaching assistant.
This is mostly day-to-day work, so you call at 7.30am and they will say if they need you at the schools they work with.
But you can get a contract (3 days per week minimum) which is good pay and if you mix with other work such as a drama teacher at weekends at schools such as stagecoach, razzamatazz, Theatre Train then you can earn a decent wage.
The Teaching agencies will also let you cancel work at short notice, again good for castings.

Then there is bar/waiter work. tips can be good but this is hard work and say goodbye to your evenings!

So I think best options are - Front of House, Teaching Assistant T/A, or drama teacher at a stage school.