How to get the most from Green Screen Studio

Green screen technology is now very effective with moderately specified equipment. The ability to capture footage on ProresHQ for instance allows for a lot of latitude in the Chromakey functions in the editing package Final Cut Pro.

Lighting is crucial to achieve good results. The green screen needs to have an even light across all of it, I usually use diffused 2k lights. Ensuring the subject is lit at least 1 stop more then the green screen will allow excellent keying.

Back lighting the subject is also critical to bring them away from the green screen. Allowing the lumination function of chromakeying in FCP to work very effectively

Steer clear of harsh shadows (use diffusers) and green in the clothing. White clothes will reflect green but effective lighting will solve most problems. Black clothes will absorb light, so may need extra light emphasis.

I use the AF101 camera with ninja for ProresHQ and FCP for keying.