How to get the most from your Sony HDV V1

With the V1 and it's limitations in CMOS sensor and HDV tape format, the better options are always to transfer through hdmi. When this is not the case, the camera can still produce excellent imagery on the tape format. The capability of the 24p deinterlacing option is a key to the successful use of the camcorder. It's XLR inputs allow for on the move sound recording and all of the bells and whistles you'd expect from a prosumer HDV camera.

The lens is wide enough for most situations, however do consider an anamorphic lens converter or wide/macro lens attachments. Ensure these are of high quality glass, as you do not want aberrations around objects or indeed at the lens edges.

Though this camera is quite small compared to other cameras producing the same quality of imaging, attaching a shoulder mount or using a suitable slider dolly is
Very simple due to its flexibility as a all camera.

Avoid the use of the db on your images.
The noise generated is not worth your headache in post production.
In darker situations, simply use another camera.

It's great in daylight and dimming light but can't cope well with very dark situations, despite performing much better than most HDV cameras.
You can realistically use 9db without too much fuss but remember to add back saturation in post.

The ND filter built in is great, however also grades the footage with some
Noise I have found. Using external mounts for ND is much more beneficial, so consider a variable ND filter with a nice glass.

As with most cameras of this type, I would recommend always using the viewfinder opposed to the LCD when possible. Much better for framing your shots and no outside distractions to keep your eye distracted.
Color profiles can work to your advantage, either flattening the image for a more dynamic range in color correction, or in camera gamma, color and contrast settings. Perfect for those rich sunsets etc.

Most will tell you to avoid in camera settings for these sort f things, however as with most HDV video formats, color editing later doesn't allow for much option before distressing the image. Anything you can get to before editing, with this camera, just do it!