How to learn lines easily and quickly

Learning lines can sometimes be one of the most arduous jobs an actor can do. Sometimes we simply hate the idea of sitting and drilling lines into our heads, but, as we know, there's no escaping it.
There's no one fixed way to learn lines and it varies for everyone. The important thing to remember is to relax. If you mess up, it doesn't matter - nobody's watching...yet! If you continually get a block, put the text down and have a break. Have a cup of tea and go back to it when you're more chilled. Give yourself the maximum amount of time possible. Begin learning the lines as soon as you get the script. There's nothing worse than the feeling that you haven't given yourself enough time to learn your lines, and we've all had the actor's nightmate - you're onstage, and you don't know a single one of them. So be prepared.
It helps if you try to understand how you learn. For example, if you're more of an audio learner, record the opposing lines into your phone and leave gaps large enough for you to say your lines, this way you get to truly practise listening too, and by opening night, you'll pretty much know everyone elses' lines! The initial recording of the lines can be time consuming,but worth it. You can also record your lines into your phone and listen to them when you're going about your day. This can be particularly useful if you have long speeches.
Another great way is to write them out. On a bus, in a waiting room, lines can be learnt everywhere, and writing them out can really cement them onto your brain. If you get stuck repeatedly over a certain line or phrase, it might be because the words are written completely differently to how you would phrase that particular idea. Paraphrase it, understand exactly what is being said in your own speech and then repeat three times slowly and three times quickly. There really isn't one way to learn lines, as long as you have plenty of notice, relax and try to enjoy, you will learn them just fine. Good luck!