How to make effective use of your marketing material - website, showreels, reviews, etc

One of the most effective ways to market material (like showreels) is to promote it on as many websites as possible and as a link anywhere you can. If you have a personal website make sure you have a link to your showreel on a number of pages. There are some website designers that offer a premium package too that makes your webpage list on google searches and other popular search engines to help promote you or your business, it's always a good idea to do some research into which deals are best and what you get for your money too. Some designers are better value than others. Try include some key words that potential employers (e.g. casting agents) will look for, if your more focused on comedy make sure you have key words like comedy, humour, stand up in there to increase your chances of popping up in searches.
When sending out your resume always put your webpages down along with your contacts. The assistant casting director or directors PA may have a quick glance and note you down for future work. It's all about self promotion - if you can promote yourself and your reel anywhere, DO IT!
Social networking sites are another brilliant marketing tool. Link to your reel on your personal page or 'tweet' about your webpage, reel and work your doing, you never know who might stumble upon it. Make good contacts too, they could help promote you via their own methods. Twitter is good for this; with reviews for example, if you build up a good following on twitter you can always ask your followers to retweet your reviews or even just mention you in a tweet to help you out and get noticed. There are a whole host of websites out there where you can sign up and add showreels and CV's of your work as well so keep a look out and do some research. E-mail assistants with a link to your showreel and ask them if they can have a quick look at your work and maybe offer their advice, if they like what they see they may forward it on to their superior, it can't hurt to try. Either way you'll be getting another person to know your out there.
My advice is the more the merrier - get yourself on as many sites as you can, e-mail anyone you think might be helpful or interested in what your about. The more you put yourself out there and market yourself, the more chance there is for you to get noticed! Good Luck.