How to obtain film of commercials done outside the UK

To obtain film of commercials done outside the UK you would be advised to list the name of the production company when you are on set or in the process of being booked. This way you can contact the production company by email or telephone after the commercial has been aired.

It is always recommended to keep the production company details and the directors name wrote down, saved in an email or however you store your contacts. this will help for whatever reason you should need to call on either of these in the future, by looking up their details.

When the commercial is aired it is ok for a copy of a commercial to be released if requested. A copy of the commercial cannot be sent to an actor before it has been aired on television or aired on whatever social media platform you were informed the commercial would be shown on.
Obtaining a copy of the commercial for your showreel or for sentimental reasons should be available(on mosy occasions) to you by the production company but it is at the production company's own decision.
If you contact the production company in an email first stating you were in the commercial list what product the advertisement was for, what part you played or whatever other relevant information you need a copy for.
State you would like to request a copy of said commercial.
Most of the times they will oblige by taking your address and sending you a copy, also you may be required (in certain circumstances) to send a stamped address envelope as they are based outside the UK.

I have found most times the production company will be happy to send at no cost to yourself, but as I said it is at the production company's own decision and they will state those reasons if they cannot oblige.
I would offer the option to send a SAE if you find them hesitant due to being in a different located country.