How to prepare for a dance audition

Well what can I say... as a recent graduate myself I find myself preparing for auditions alot more recently. And in my eyes you can never be over prepared for an audition...

The first thing I do is check the details of the time and location of the audition and plan my route. How long it is going to take me to get there, how much is it going to cost (to top up my oyster card for the correct amount.. never leave yourself short) Always allow extra time, incase of engineering works or any other unexpected delays(we all know what london tubes are like). I print out a copy of my journey incase my phone runs out of battery (also a common mistake by relying on google maps on the iphone)

Once I know exactly how i'm going to make it to the audition on time, I think go through the essentials needed. If an audition states please wear jazz shoes, always take a selection of shoes, you never know what they may throw at you... I always pack my tap shoes, ballet/pointe shoes, characters and a pair of trainers. This was i'm ready and waiting to be thrown in at the deepend.

Also dance auditions can consist of singing, to ensure you have your correct backing track in the appropriate key, or the right sheet music with a clear cut. This way there will be no confusion on the MD's part. Take a nice dress and sensible shoes (you don't want to look like Bambi on ice walking across the room... all eyes are on you)

Prepare your bag the night before the audition (especially if you have an early start) pack all appropriate dance wear, baggys, leotards, tights, hotpants, crop tops... what ever you wish to wear I always look up the genre of the audition and go from there... but take a few outfits so that you can see what look everyone else has gone for. Make sure as I said previously you have your shoes.

Pack your CV which is recently UPDATED.. your headshot... ensure you still look like your headshot, do not take an old one that doesnt look like you... they want to look down see your picture and spot you in the room don't make the panel search for you!! (they will give up)
Take all hair bits and bobs, pins, grips, bobbles, hairspray etc anything you may need.
Also take deodrant... please no one likes a smelly dancer.

Plently of water and fluids, to replenish yourself.. if your lucky you'll be there most of the day.. take plenty of snacks to... they dont want people flaking out.

If you are attempting to go to a dance audition I should hope that you have been keeping up with the fitness. However I always have a warm bath if I can the night before to ease any muscles that are tight and also do a little stretch.

Once at the audition however ensure you allow yourself enough time to warm up.. no one likes a INJURY.

Once your ready to start find a suitable place with enough space preferably in the panels eyeline, so you can be seen... and then its up to you to dance like you have never danced before...

you want that job... MAKE THEM WANT YOU!!!
Good luck!!