Can I use the site on behalf of a training institution?

The Mandy Network provides an entirely free service to colleges or professional training companies who wish to list details of upcoming courses, showcases and to stay in contact with past alumni. This page should give you comprehensive details on how to use our service.

updating college details

Each college is given an entirely free listing where you can detail the courses offered, college facilities and ethos. To ensure the best possible listing please check your contact details are correct and where possible upload the college logo. 

alumni management

The Mandy Network asks all users to provide us with information of where they studied and trained. We use this information to help you keep track of your alumni. Use our alumni management system to contact ex-students, mail entire year groups, source helpful information for your prospective students or simply to correct information which may be inaccurate. 

my mail

It's easy to keep in touch with students, alumni and all the other industry professionals registered on the site. The Mandy Network mail system has been developed to allow you to communicate securely with other site members, safe in the knowledge that you are not revealing your personal contact details. When you receive new mail you'll be alerted by email.

the forum

The Forum is a place where members of the site can network with other industry professionals, at widely varying stages of their careers. The forum intends to be a warm, welcoming community dedicated to making the life of industry professional easier. 

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