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    • 'Figure out the right career path for the talent you have' with comedy agent Brett Vincent

      10th Dec 2018

      Comedy manager, agent, promoter and founder of Get Comedy Brett Vincent talks to Mandy News about his inspirational rise to success from being a successful DJ to owning his own business; Get Comedy.

    • EXCLUSIVE: Comedy legend Helen Lederer on new film To Trend on Twitter and advice for actors

      25th Nov 2018

      Helen Lederer is a British comedy legend known for classic TV shows Naked Video, Absolutely Fabulous, The Young Ones, Bottom, French and Saunders, and Hollyoaks as well as having the bravery to take part in ITV celebrity diving competition Splash! and the 20th edition of Celebrity Big Brother. Here she tells Mandy News about her latest film – dark, satirical comedy To Trend on Twitter– and a new literary prize she's launched called "Comedy Women in Print".

    • Step inside the creation of Abandoman's magical, musical, comedy tour 'Pirate Radio'

      5th Nov 2018

      Abandoman (AKA Rob Broderick) is currently touring his show Pirate Radio across the UK. Described as "Flight of the Conchords meets 8 Mile" by Chortle, Abandoman's show combines comedy with hip hop in a unique and exciting way that has to be seen to be believed. Here Abandoman talks us through creating the show, what audiences can expect to see – and offer! – along with some advice to creatives wanting to find their own voice.

    • Writing and performing comedy with touring comic and TV star Andy Hamilton

      26th Oct 2018

      Andy Hamilton is a legendary, BAFTA-winning comedy writer and performer who has written for a string of iconic TV shows including Not the Nine O'Clock News, Drop the Dead Donkey (which he also created), Power Monkeys and hit BBC series Outnumbered. Currently on tour with his show An Evening with Andy Hamilton, here Andy tells Mandy News about the production, the challenges of writing comedy for TV and radio and what aspiring comedy writers can do to succeed.

    • Comedy writer Hannah George on scribing for TV and new podcast 'Drunk Women Solving Crime'

      6th Sep 2018

      Hannah George is a comedy and drama writer for film, TV and radio. She has written for CBBC show Wolfblood, Sky1's Trollied, Disney's The Lodge and Nickelodeon's The House of Anubis. Hannah also writes and directs online comedy and has racked up over 100m views for her first sketch as well as writing and directing Where are you from? The Game for BBC Three. Here she tells Mandy News about her writing process, how she got started and details of her new comedy podcast Drunk Women Solving Crime.

    • EXCLUSIVE: Head of Comedy, BBC Studios, Chris Sussman on talent-spotting and commissioning shows

      15th Aug 2018

      Chris Sussman is the talented Head of Comedy at BBC Studios, the executive producer of John Cleese’s latest series, Hold the Sunset and was instrumental in bringing shows like Not Going Out, Rev, People Just Do Nothing and Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe to TV. Here Chris talks to Mandy News about how he made it to the top in comedy, what he looks for in new shows and his favourite UK and US series.

    • What do you get when you combine clowning, pranks, comedy and creativity? Narin Oz knows

      15th Aug 2018

      Narin Oz is an actress, comedian and writer known for her exciting, interactive theatre shows. Her shows are clever, hilarious and blur the lines of reality and fiction. She co-starred and co-wrote Channel 4's Girls Go Trolling, brought a prank show called Addicted To Love to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 and explored vile human behaviour and language in a theatre show called #DirtyWoman. Oz is currently performing her latest show BonQrz at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and here tells Mandy News how she came to be a performer, how to be successful at Edinburgh and more.

    • Acting adventures in TV, theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe with actor and comedian Dan March

      14th Aug 2018

      Dan March is an actor, comedian, writer and director who has appeared in TV shows Miranda, Eastenders, Casualty and Doctors, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 10 years, featured in commercials for McDonald's, Weetabix and Direct Line Insurance and is in the upcoming Johnny English 3 starring Rowan Atkinson. Described as "brilliantly witty" by The Daily Telegraph, Dan is an actor who has done it all. Here he tells Mandy News about his acting journey and what he's learned from his 20 years in the game.

    • Inside Edinburgh comedian Felicity Ward's new stand-up show 'Busting a Nut'

      13th Aug 2018

      Felicity Ward is an Australian comedian, writer and actor. She is best known for her appearances in television series Spicks and Specks, Thank God You’re Here and Good News Week. Felicity’s first stand up show Felicity Ward’s Ugly As a Child Variety Show won a Best Newcomer award at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and her second show Felicity Ward Reads From The Book of Moron was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She is now putting on her latest performance, Busting a Nut, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    • Rowan Atkinson defends Boris Johnson's right to free speech over burka joke – do you agree?

      10th Aug 2018

      English actor Rowan Atkinson is one of the highest profile comedians in the UK, known for Mr. Bean, Blackadder and Johnny English. Today, he defended British Conservative politician Boris Johnson for recent remarks he made about burkas.

    • Mortified London producer Reuben Williams reveals how they put the hilarious show together

      20th Jun 2018

      Mortified is an amazing international theatre show that sees members of the public take to the stage and read their hysterically embarrassing teenage diary entries out to the world. The show – which has been described as "hilarious", "excruciatingly funny" and "comic genius" – has chapters in New York, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Helsinki, Paris, Oslo and many more, as well as a raved-about Netflix documentary. Here Mandy News sits down with Mortified London's producer Reuben Williams to hear all about how the show gets put together and what audiences can expect.

    • 'Write stuff, film sketches' This Country director Tom George on starting out, directing TV and more

      10th Jun 2018

      Tom George is the director of two-time TV BAFTA-winning comedy series This Country starring Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper as well as the International Emmy-nominated children's TV show Hank Zipzer. Here Tom tells Mandy News how he started out in television, how he got involved with This Country and what filmmakers can do to succeed.

    • 'Work all over the country' Stand up comedian Lloyd Langford on comedy and his new Edinburgh show

      8th Jun 2018

      Lloyd Langford is a stand up comedian described by The Guardian as “one of the sharpest comedic minds on the circuit,” and known for his appearances on QI, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and winning Celebrity Mastermind. Here he tells Mandy News about his new Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Why the Big Face?, how he started out and how to build a career in comedy.

    • 'Take every opportunity' Murder in Successville editor Calum Ross on editing TV comedy and more

      30th May 2018

      Calum Ross is a TV comedy editor known for hit shows Fresh Meat, Lovesick and the BAFTA award-winning Murder in Successville. Here he tells Mandy News how he got started in the entertainment industry and what a typical edit is like along with great advice for how to build a career in editing.