Trapped Escape Rooms

Trapped Escape Rooms

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    With amazing live actors and dedicated storylines, guests experience true immersion in each of our live escape rooms.

    About the experiences:
    Trapped In a Prison Van = Customers will test their skills in an authentic prison van, refurbished to create the ultimate prison break experience. Will you be the guard taking them to prison or will you be the Raven trying to help them escape?

    Trapped in a Room with a Zombie = Every five minutes the hungry zombie’s chain will be released another foot. Guests will have to use their brains to get out before getting eaten. Are you a hungry zombie, trying to get your next meal? Or are you the professor who will be testing their skills?

    Trapped Undercover = Undercover, an MI6 surveillance van. Guests will have all of MI6's resources at their fingertips! With your help, will they find the double agent? Each show has an immersive host and we're looking for fantastic new actors to join our team!

    More detail:
    Our shows are 1 hour long with a call time of 30 minutes before the customer's arrival for set up, costume and briefing. The set fee is for 1.5 hours of work with set-up included and some de-brief time is £22. This is a flexible acting job that you can fit around other commitments with shows running daily!

    We have a fantastic team and we look forward to having you onboard our popular experience!

    Show times are: 10am 11:30am 1pm 2:30pm 4pm 5:30pm 7pm 8:30pm
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    Shows Running Daily
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    4th Jul 2022