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'Lost Short Film'
London South Bank University

'Lost Short Film'
London South Bank University

  • Project Details
    Casting actors in a short film, called "Lost."

    Matthew and Joanne have recently become clean, and have been sober for 113 days consecutively, when they find out the location of their son Jamie.
    The audience will be manipulated into thinking Jamie has died, and the couple are grieving the death of their son, however the truth is that Jamie was taken away from his parents, because of how abusive the couple were towards their son. To add to the plot twist, it turns out Matthew was the reason that Jamie got taken away, as he had a sudden moment of conscience and reported the situation to an emergency child protection hotline. After the couple find out the location of Jamie, Matthew and Joanne search for both their child and the opportunity to rekindle a loving relationship with him after becoming clean. After being denied access to visit Jamie, the couple are brought to tears, and the film ends with Joanne contemplating whether to re-start her drug addicted life. Deep down the film is about a couple’s battle with addiction and family relationships.

    Production envisions the film being extremely hard-hitting, and wants the emotions of the characters to have the audience’s attention glued to the screen. The acting in this film will make or break the quality of the finished product.
  • Production Personnel
    Rigel Alombro, Producer; Max Marshall, Director; Owen Lawes, Director of Photography.
  • Contract Details
    Production will cover travel expenses, chaperone fee for child actor, and food provided.
  • Production Type
    Short Film
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    Shoots Feb. 23-27 and ongoing in 2023.
  • Closing Date
    31st Mar 2023