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Unfortunately this job is no longer available

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Medical Demonstration Video, Voiceover

Medical Demonstration Video, Voiceover

  • Project Details
    Seeking a voiceover for a medical demonstration video. Company states: "We're looking for a female voice with a neutral American accent (aged 40+) to record a voiceover for our client. The film will be teaching people how to administer an anti-obesity drug via injection.

    You must have a home studio and be able to record remotely from home. The voiceover will be directed live by us with the client on the line so you must have dial in capability (via Zoom probably). The script is TBC but is likely to be between 4-10 minutes long. We would ask for an hour recording slot but in reality it will probably take less time."
  • Contract Details
    Company states: "Your contributions will be needed in perpetuity for a flat fee of £250. Your contribution will be for all media usage such as: video, online, socials, shared via email to patients etc."
  • Production Type
    Corporate Video
  • Production Type
    General Voiceover
  • Union Status
  • Dates & Location
    Records remotely on 8th Feb. 2023.
  • Closing Date
    3rd Feb 2023