'Aftertaste' Dramatic Short Film
Wildwood Media

'Aftertaste' Dramatic Short Film
Wildwood Media

  • Project Details
    Casting a dramatic short film being put together by filmmakers.

    Production states: "Writer is an acclaimed playwright and screenwriter (including theatrical release) and produced/directed by a feature film director. The director's last film premiered in Leicester Square last August. The Director of Photography is a renowned commercial and music video DP who is a member of BAFTA Crew.

    The team are currently working for free to put together this passion project - although this acting role is paid.

    It's a serious, dramatic film that looks at human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the UK.

    Note: The film will be respectfully made and despite the subject matter features no sex or full nudity scenes.

    A role in this film will be a huge plus for any resume/filmography. The film will look fantastic and the role on offer here is a really meaty role that will truly show the performers range and ability."
  • Production Personnel
    Christopher Newberry, dir.; Laura Turner, writer; Howard Mills, DP
  • Contract Details
    Two filming days are £100 per day plus expenses inc: travel and food and drink whilst on set. Rehearsals day £50 Meetings and potential costume shop would be without pay - but all travel and expenses covered. However, these won't be full days.
  • Production Type
    Short Film
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    Rehearses one-two days; films early April (two days) in London. Note: Plus online meetings, hair and makeup and costume meetings.
  • Closing Date
    6th Feb 2023
  • Roles
  • Paid