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'Darkness Under The Lights'
studets of 'university for creative art'

'Darkness Under The Lights'
studets of 'university for creative art'

  • Project Details
    Casting "Darkness Under The Light," a graduation short film created by UCA University film production students. It is a suspenseful short film of about 8 minutes in length that focuses on the conflict between a father and son and the story of what happens between the family and their neighbors.

    Logline: Mike grew up in a single-parent household as a quiet, socially inept boy, and his father, John, presumed to control his son's social life and behavior out of a strong desire to control. And John does not like his son to mention his mother so much that he often argues with Mike about his mother's attitude. Their neighbor is called Danny, is a punk in the eyes of others, living in a single-parent family with only a father, but in fact, his heart is good, and found and his own similar experience after Mike, wants to save him.

    Production states: "The crew included a total of 13 talented filmmaking graduates from UCA. The students in this filming project are very experienced and confident in their grasp of the film and look forward to having you on board."
  • Contract Details
    Student states: "Since we are a student short film project, we have a limited budget and would like to be able to negotiate a salary with the actors. In addition, we will cover the cost of accommodation and food for the actors during the shooting. We would like the actors to come to rehearsals on location two days before filming."
  • Production Type
    Student Film
  • Union Status
  • Dates & Location
    Shoots Feb. 13-15 in Winchester, UK.
  • Closing Date
    13th Feb 2023