Katharine Quirico

    • Extra

    Female / West Sussex
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    50 - 60
    5' 1" (1m 57cm)
    7st. 3lb (46kg)
    Hair Colour
    Salt and Pepper
    Eye Colour
  • Education

    English Language and clerical studiesLast place of education, Portland Training College

    Industry Awards


    Short description of my voice

    Friendly, warm. Strong

    About me

    I am a writer who writes articles mainly about subjects that are of interest to people with disabilities as I am disabled myself. I have written and had published some articles about cross stitch, letters to magazines and papers. I am a retired Civil Servant, have worked with people with disabilities and those with mental health problems. I have done a lot of work for various charity organisations such as the elderly, and animal welfare.

    I have my own website where my articles are published.

    My interests

    I love animals, craft, such as loom knitting, drawing, writing, papercraft, and many other crafts. I enjoy photography, singing and being a member of Dramatis online stage.

    Television experience

    I have applied to appear on the Chase quiz show.

    Acting experience

    Member of Postscript a local drama group, now no longer running. I played the part of a nurse, a maid and a witch, as well as Gretel I now belong to Dramatis and have completed two monologues, one by Victoria Wood, the other by Pam Aires. Both of these can be seen on YouTube . I have completed a one day work shop on improvisation.

    Interesting Past Experiences

    I have done a few very short stop motion videos which I have uploaded to YouTube. I have just purchased a stop motion package and will be making some videos in the future.

    I some how have the ability to pick up accents . For example I spent two years in Nottingham and when I came home to Kent people thought I was from the north because they could detect a northern accent, even though I couldn't. I can do a general Scottish accent, Not sure how convincing but I can do Welsh. I sound to some people like a Londoner, even though I am not from London.

    I really enjoy putting on accents and regional dialects and I love to make people laugh, something I have been told I am good at.

    Singing Experience

    I was a member of an Ecumenical Choir many years ago, only leaving because I moved away from the area. I have also been a member of my local Rock Choir. No longer running due to the Covid 19. I am taking online singing lessons.

    Additional Skills

    I have written articles on various subjects which have been published on my website. In my teens I wrote poetry and have been a member of two different choirs.

    Additional Information

    I was a member of a local drama group. During my membership I played Gretel in Hansel and Gretel, a nurse in a production of Hamlet, and a maid in Twelfth Night. The group did a lot of improvisation which I enjoyed doing. More recently I joined another drama group and have done two monologues. One of which was a poem by Pam Aires. Both of these were put on Youtube. I have also completed a month of live streaming for a social media app where I talked about loom knitting .

  • Skills

    Interested in
    • Acting Auditions
    • Comedy
    • Commercials
    • Drama Reconstruction
    • Extra/Background Artist
    • Online
    • Radio
    • Recording
    • Stand Up Comedy
    • TV
    • Voice Over
    Personal Interests
    • Animals
    • Comedy
    • Creative writing
    • Drawing
    • Music
    • Sewing
    • Singing
    Marital Status
    • Married
    Current Student
    • No
    Drinking habits
    • Never
    Eating habits
    • Vegetarian
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    Physical build
    • Slim
    • Extra
    Hair Length
    • Short
    Native accent
    • English
    Accents (UK)
    • Cockney
    • London
    • Scottish - General
    • South London
    Experienced In
    • Drama
    Specific Singing Skills
    • Mezzo-Soprano