Resume Coaching Session: Guy Michaels, Founder of Voiceover Kickstart
17th Sep 2020

Sorry we are no longer accepting applications for this event.

Surgery Session

Mandy’s Resume Coaching Sessions are your opportunity to gain valuable insights and advice from leading figures in the industry. 

We are delighted to announce that the founder of Voiceover Kickstart, Guy Michaels, will be doing a series of one-on-one sessions with several Mandy members on Thursday 17th September! 


Guy Michaels is an expert Voice Reel Producer and owner of Voiceover Kickstart, an UK-based community and training body for voiceover artists and actors wanting to progress in their voiceover careers. They offer guidance on all aspects of creating, developing and sustaining a voiceover business. This is your chance to ask Guy about the best tips and tricks on how to set up a high-quality home studio and other technical questions you might have.

This session is the perfect opportunity for emerging and established voiceover artists to: 

  • Get advice on how to nail your voicereel, 
  • Learn all the tips and tricks to set up a home studio, 
  • Find out how to get best quality for your recording,
  • Get advice and feedback on your CV,
  • And more.

When: Tuesday 17th September. Members will have a 20 minute slot and the times these will take place are to be determined shortly.

Where: Zoom. The invite will be emailed to members that are successful.

Mandy Surgery sessions are run exclusively for Premium Members and applicants will be entered into a raffle to be selected. To be in with the chance of having a one-on-one session with Guy Michaels, all you have to do is answer the question below! Hurry, we will be closing the draw on Sunday 13th September. We will then contact the lucky winners on Monday 14th September.

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