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TV has been helping families sort out their problems for a while now; wives have been swapped, kids have been super-nannied, teens have been tamed. However, in the world of Bebo, Facebook and endless text messaging, friendship groups have become like alternative families for the young. Now, for the first time, friends will attempt to sort out problems that parents probably aren't even aware of.

In Best Friend Rehab (8 x 60 mins), a group of friends, fed up with their mate’s self-destructive behaviour, will give them the ultimate wake-up call – an intervention where they will be confronted by secretly-filmed evidence of their behaviour.

Whether it’s a man-eating exhibitionist, an embarrassing drunk or a lovesick ex obsessed with her former boyfriend, the process will be carefully evaluated by a leading psychologist in the field and, along the way, all the friends will learn more about themselves and their peer group than they could possibly have imagined.

Production Company: Monkey Kingdom

Year of Publication: 2008

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