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Teachers TV is a free-to-air television channel in the UK aimed towards people working in education. Although the channel is funded by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) it is editorially independent. The contract to operate the channel was won by Education Digital, a consortium of Brook Lapping Productions, ITV and the Institute of Education. Listings for the channel's programming are printed in Teachers magazine, which is produced for the DfES and free to teachers throughout the UK.

The work of the channel is overseen by an independent board of governors, which advises the government on performance and guarantees editorial independence.

National Curriculum subjects are covered in its CPD content, as well as specialist programmes for headteachers, managers, newly qualified teachers and governors.

There is general programming too including a weekly half-hour news programme, documentaries on the educational issues and controversies of the day, and guidance on topics such as behaviour management.

Almost all of the programmes on topics across the National Curriculum are available to download or stream, and watch online for free. Each programme is accompanied by a set of free resources and support materials such as a magazine. It was the first broadcaster in the UK to do this.

Teachers TV has also introduced educational podcasts. News can be delivered directly to a desktop or digital audio player by subscribing to the podcast service.

A VoD Service has also been introduced using Virgin Media┬┤s TV Service

Production Company: Department for Education and Skills

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