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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2020 - 2021Voice-Over / Narrator
2020Narrator / Explainer
Lost and FoundIgnite the Dream Coaching and Consulting
2020Voice over
Kekava DistrictĶekavas Jaunatnes Iniciatīvu Centrs
2020Narrator / Explainer
Shakespeare's GlobeShakespeare's Globe
2020Tech Adept Inquisitor
Video Games
Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor ProphecyNeocore Games
2020Secret Agent
Animation / Cartoons
StrandedVariation Media
Gamemaster: Book 3 in The Biodome
2018 - 2019Narrator
Elements: Book 2 in The Biodome
2019Narrator / Office Manager
2018 - 2019Narrator
Legacy: Book 1 in The Biodome
Video Games
Eden TomorrowSoulpix
2017 - 2018Voice Over Artist
WRMPThames Water
2017 - 2018Voice over artist
Film (Short)
The Burning SearchBilly Graham Evangelical Association
2017 - 2018Voice over artist
Herbal Life Factory TourHerbal Life
2017Narrator / Voice Actor
Legacy: The Biodome
2017Voice Over Artist
Metro PitchFat Dog Media Productions
  • Education

    LLB LawUniversity of Westminster

    Additional Skills

    I am also an actor, and have appeared in 5 stage productions. In a theatre production by The Acting Gymnasium, founded by Gavin McAlinden, I starred in A Midsummer Night's Dream, as Francis Flute at Theatro Technis, for 8 performances in August 2017. In a second adaptation of the play in April - May 2018, by the same company at the same location, I played two characters - Francis Flute and Egeus.

    I also played lead role as Alceste in The Misanthrope. Again this play was produced and directed by Gavin McAlinden, and The Acting Gymnasium, between April 16th - May 4th 2018.

    Besides from my acting skills, I am a very competent singer. I can sing modern soul, motown, soul, blues, RNB, and pop songs.

    I also have skills related to the field of journalism. I published for VICE, during my brief time as a freelance journalist in the Middle East. I wrote an article about the conflict in Syria and my personal experiences, alongside my travelling journalist partner. I have been featured on a BBC Radio 4 - PM, due to the attention my VICE piece garnered. I have written about events concerning Iraq, the Afghani Presidential elections, Kashmir conflict, Female Feticide/Infanticide in India on low scale media publications such as The Fair Observer, The Foreign Report.

    I have also some legal skills in the Human Rights sector. I did an internship at an organisation called PASSOP, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Alongside a team of Congolese and South African lawyers, my job was to interview asylum seekers, who fled their countries (largely from DRC, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Burundi,) due to political, sexual, LGBTI persecution or any other form of persecution that should legally entitle them to seek refuge in another country. My job was to appeal the South African Home Affairs decisions to reject their refugee application, if I felt the government's decision breached The Refugee Convention. This required writing detailed reports, with evidence, as to why the person could be at risk if deported back to his/her native country.

    I also have experience working with children on the autism spectrum. I have worked as a one on one teacher / teaching assistant for children with special needs as well as behavioural needs in Eden Academy (Designated Special Needs School), Byron Court Primary School, Krishna Avanti Primary, Edgware Primary and Preston Primary. I am experienced in working with children from mild to the extreme scale of Autism.

    I have also done volunteer teaching in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. I taught in under-privilged schools in the indigenous Quichua communities of Ecuador, and an impoverished community in Arequipa, Peru, as well as in Mata Escura - a notorious favela in Brazil. I spent four months in each country. I taught children between ages 6-14, basic subjects such as Maths, Science, Spanish Grammar / Literacy (Ecuador, Peru). Portuguese Grammar / Literacy (Brazil). I also taught them basic conversational English as well as basics of English numeracy and literacy.

    I had to teach them everything in their own languages, meaning I had to learn Spanish and Portuguese. About 30% of my students were autistic.

    I have also worked as Police Community Officer in London. More specifically it was the Borough of Brent. A cosmopolitan area within a cosmopolitan city. As a police Community Officer, I was trained in First Aid, as well as Officer Safety, the latter of which involved some disarming training. In regards to First Aid training, I helped save the life of a man, who had collapsed from withdrawal symptoms from alcohol abuse.

    As a Police Community Officer, I was required to be knowledgeable about race relations, diversity, and youth work. Trying to establish relations between key leaders within Islamic, Hindu, and Christian communities, was fundamental in creating events that brought practitioners of all religions together, to avoid communal friction and most importantly help children to learn about different cultures, traditions and customs.

    The skills I acquired here, was one of strong communication, organisation, leadership, verbal diffusion of hostile scenarios, and becoming a calming presence on the streets of Brent.

    I also do MMA training, and so have understanding of basic self defence skills.Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts.

    Short description of my voice

    I have a deep bass level voice. It can also be described as authoritative, husky, gravelly, and booming.


    Gavin McAlinden - **contact removed**

    Bernard Dipo Tayombi - **contact removed**

    Gary Terzza - **contact removed**

    Terry Harris (Sergeant)- Metropolitan Police

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