Bournemouth Media School (Training)

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Bournemouth Media School is one of the largest media schools in the country and is the UK's only Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, as designated by the Higher Education Funding Council. The School is a centre for the study and practice of media production, media management and computer animation, amongst other disciplines, and has long been known for its achievements in film, television and video production. Bournemouth was the first University in the UK to offer full degrees in Scriptwriting at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and maintains a high profile in the industry through the high employability and success of its graduates.

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Alternative Company Names

  • The Media School at Bournemouth University
  • The Arts Institute Bournemouth
  • The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
  • BU Productions
  • BU Films
  • BU
  • Bournemouth University Students
  • Bournemouth University Media School
  • Bournemouth University Media
  • Bournemouth University MA - Production Film and TV
  • Bournemouth University & Wiltshire College
  • Bournemouth University
  • Bournemouth Media
  • Bournemouth Film Student Final Year
  • Bournemouth Film School
  • Bournemouth Arts Institute
  • Bournemouth
  • Arts Institute of Bournemouth
  • Arts Institute at Bournemouth