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CAST is an Amateur company that works with young people with ages ranging from 8 until 18. There are 3 groups in CAST,
- Junior (8-11)
- Intermediate (12/13)
- Seniors (13-18)
Every Group with Perform the Same Original production every December. ( a new panto every year)
In April the Senior group perform an Original Musical in Marr College Auditorium, This is a 2 Act, Full Orchestra performance which runs for 3 nights and brings in audiences of up to 200.

In May The Junior and Intermediate perform Separate Musicals which have been shortened and Changed from Full Scale Musicals.

The Company is Run by Ian and Heather McCreath.
And have an Assistant, Keir Beckwith, who Helps with the week to week rehearsals and is then Assistant Stage Manager/Manager at each performance.

Connected mandy members:

Marie Cooper
2023, Consultation Skills Training for Medical Students, Ongoing Simulated Patient / Medical Roleplayer
2022, University of East Anglia Teaching/Exams, Roleplayer
2022, Medical Roleplay, RolePlayer
Adam Foley
Lighting Designer
2022, Aladdin, Lighting Designer
Doncaster CAST
2021, Medical Degree Consultation Skills Training & Exams, Medical RolePlay Actor
2021, Casting Hope, Assistant Choreographer
Alyce Liburd
2021, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine/Spirit of the ring
Cast Doncaster
Helen Fagelman
Company Stage Manager
2021, Aladdin, Company Stage Manager
2020, Local Crew, Technical Manager (Stage)
2019, shakespear, jullet
Helen Fagelman
Company Stage Manager
2019, Cinderella, CSM
Georgia Johnson
Assistant Stage Manager
2018, Robin Hood and the babes in the wood, Assistant Stage Manager
Hannah Tucker Wilson
Wardrobe Assistant
2018, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, Wardrobe Assistant
2018, Robin Hood, Ensemble
2018, Oliver, Artful dodger
Newport, waterfront theatre
2018, Miss Julie, Miss Julie
CAST Doncaster
Ashley Church
Wardrobe Supervisor
2018, Love and hip hop hollywood, Wardrobe stylist
Teresa Baron
2018, Communication Skills for the Med students at UEA, Medical Roleplayer
UEA Campus
Chris Vlass
2018, City of Tiny Lights, Supporting Actor
Meryl Keeble
2017, Medical role play, General roles
University of East Anglia


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