La Plante Productions Ltd (Production Company)

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August 22nd 1994 saw the official launch of Lynda La Plante's production company, La Plante Productions and the announcement of the company's first project, The Governor.

Disillusioned by the loss of creative input on certain productions once scripts had been submitted, the award-winning author and scriptwriter decided that the way to achieve maximum creative control of her projects was to form her own production company. The result is La Plante Productions, a company where teamwork is the essence and where the writer is highly involved throughout each stage of production, providing creative consultation on the entire project.

La Plante's participation in the choice of director and cast enables her to ensure that every project is true to her original concept. In the 14 years since its launch, La Plante Productions has had many hours of programming aired in the UK and around the world.

In 1993, La Plante Productions launched their own distribution company, La Plante International, in order to oversee foreign sales of their productions.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Lynda Laplante Productions
  • Lynda La Plante
  • Linda Le Plante
  • Linda La Plante
  • Lind La Plant
  • Leplante Productions
  • Le Plant Productions
  • LaPlante Productions
  • LaPlant Productions
  • La Plante/CH4
  • La Plante Productions/ITV
  • La Plante Productions Limited
  • La Plante Prods
  • La Plante / ITV
  • ITV 1, LA Plate Productions