Mammoth Screen Ltd (Production Company)

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Mammoth is fast establishing itself as one of British television's most exciting independent drama producers, having already delivered 2 major new series for transmission in 2008 - BONEKICKERS (a co-production with Monastic Productions) for BBC1 and LOST IN AUSTEN for ITV1. Production has finished on WUTHERING HEIGHTS for ITV1 with transmission later in 2009.

Known TV Show involvement

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Alternative Company Names

  • Mamoth Screen for ITV
  • Mammouth Screen ltd
  • Mammouth Screen Limited
  • Mammouth Screen for ITV
  • Mammouth Screen
  • Mammouth
  • Mammoth TV
  • Mammoth Screen, ITV
  • Mammoth Screen Productions (ITV)
  • Mammoth Screen Productions
  • Mammoth Screen Limited
  • Mammoth Screen (Bouquet) Ltd
  • Mammoth Screen
  • Mammoth Productions
  • Mammoth Films
  • Mammoth Screen LTD/ HBO
  • Mammoth
  • ITV1 / Mammoth Screen