Rising sun

    • 2010 30 minutes

      Pilot episode following the aftermath of a disaster in London.

      The world is in the grip of a massive Recession, entire governments have collapsed, millions of savings have been wiped out and hundreds of thousands of businesses have failed, the world plummets into economic meltdown. Chaos and anarchy very quickly blankets the globe as food and fuel soon becomes a diminishing commodity, the fight for survival begins as humanity stares into the abyss of total annihilation. After a catastrophe in London, the medical staff at a hospital just outside London treat those wounded by the awful event. However, we soon learn these events were not a natural occurance, but were orchestrated by certain government officials, their goal, to bring the world to its knees, banish democracy in favour of a new totalitarian state.

      Rising Sun follows the story of the staff at a hospital just outside of London and the medical staff treating those injured by a horrific disaster in the capital.

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