How many auditions did you do before your first job offer

Sophie Tott
Voice Over: English

Hi there,

I've just started out auditioning (I have submitted a few "general" auditions before, but no job offers).

I'm curious to know how many auditions it took you to receive your first job offer?

I'd also love to know whether this can end up being a good place for a flow of work, or whether other routes are more effective, and if other routes, what have you found is your best way to win work?

Thanks so much!

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Kasper Michaels
Voice Over: Canadian

Thank you Richard. I love your progress and the hype you are bringing. I love your new space you sent the photo of. Some of us might not have disposable income. or are bored and frustrated. I have something you might not have thought of.

I subscribe to another inexpensive worldwide P2P (I'll mention the name if DM'd, but it ends with "stage") Mandy is actually affiliated with it. Anyway. I scour Mandy and this other site for certain ads. What time of year is this people? it's film school grad project time! and what does that mean? A bunch of creatives desperately looking for VO for their projects. They are all pro bono. BUT. you get a copy of the project. it's a grad project. the final result are amazing. it's a free sizzle reel.

I've done 5 so far. Google Trollify or search for it on YouTube to see the result of one of the projects. It's a spoof on hard sell ads from the 70s. And it's already up on social media. It has a link I can just copy and send to a potential client. See where this is going? It's also free advertising and networking. I've done 5 so far. I've been the Trollify announcer, a goldfish, a tortoise lost in the garden, the wizard of OZ, and today I'm going to be an butler AI on a spaceship in which all the crew die and he is left alone, and begins to evolve.

HOW COOL IS THAT? None of these pay. But the final results are worth their weight in sizzle reel gold. These are things for your website. and you keep your chops warm with practise. Again, just because it is pro bono does not negate that the projects are important. this is the student's final project for a passing grade. And these students are going to be the future creatives hiring us. Imagine if they've worked with you already. They already know who to call.

Just a thought. sometimes you need to think outside of the box.

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Ashley Tyler
Voice Over: English


I have been sending off both VO auditions and self-tapes for well over 5 years and have had one or two come back to me. One was a radio show and the other was a project that didn't even go ahead. It's hard and it does require a bit of luck if I am honest.

I managed to get myself an agent, but even then you're not guaranteed work. You gotta grind. Practice your craft, send off that audition and then forget about it.

Hope this helps,


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Mike Mendoza
Voice Over: English

I am getting better responses from Star Now, which is associated with Mandy.
BUT I will continue with Mancdy as well.
I am not sure about agents or managers, I went years without one and did very nicely, but over recent years I have taken on several agents, not one booking from any of them.

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Rhiannon Moushall
Voice Over: Australian

I booked my first two voiceover jobs on Mandy within a couple of months, but then didn't book any for six months. However, I then booked multiple jobs back-to-back again! It's been a recurring cylce since I started in 2020. (Yes, I am part of the great pandemic wave of VA's).

I recommend using Mandy as one of many avnenues for audition-sourcing. I rely heavily on Voice123, Twitter, Discord servers, Linked In, website inquiries, cold/warm emails, private rosters, and recommendations; and I work full-time without represenation.

Something I will add is that almost all the clients I've booked on here have gone on to re-book me for other jobs! The majority of my revenue is now from previous employers. So it isn't necessarily about how many jobs you book, but about being so easy to work with that when you do finally book a job, you secure a regular client.

All the best for your auditions!

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Suzanne Cox
Voice Over: Northern England

Hi, I'm glad I've found this platform. I was a member before but didn't have a proper voice reel. I've now had one recorded. , so I've just uploaded it. Good luck to everyone.

  • 5 months ago
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