Help appreciated: Type & which ones to delete?


So I want to ask for some honest opinions on the headshots I've added to my profile. Obviously not all of them are meant to be the main headshot as they don't follow the normal headshot rules.

The questions I have are as follows:

1. Which photo you think should be used as my main headshot & why?
2. What my 'type' is or 'unique selling point' is (in regards to face as obviously you can't see the rest of my body)? As someone just starting out, it is useful to know what others see.
3. Which ones I should get rid of? Not all the photos would make a good headshot I know, but I liked them because they showed character & could be used as a still image not necessarily a headshot.- but if you think this is a bad idea let me know.


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Hey Zoey

Your pictures look great, you're very photogenic! My favourite headshot was your second one (by Claire cousins) as it showed your wonderful freckles. In terms of looks, your freckles could be one of your USP as over the last two years I have seen casting calls (especially skincare brands) looking for girls with freckles and interesting features. I also found this headshot the most striking as it really showcased your lovely eyes as well.

Hope this helped, and good luck :)

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I think you have a young fresh look, and a nice mischievous smile . Im not sure I'm into all the sales speak of USP. We all panic into thinking we have find the perfect box to be placed in , but in truth , we will always be at the mercy of casting directors . Apply for everything you fancy going for .Don't worry about the look you think you have . I have an example of the bizarre nature of casting .I was selected for a job to play a bald guy .I have slightly thinning hair at the front , but nowhere near bald .I was sent to make up, where they spent an hour shaving me with electric clippers , then finishing with a bic razor .I looked like a pickled onion by the end of it.The only thing i did notice about some of your shots , is that they were very cropped . So much so that you were missing the top of your head . I think you have to be careful going this route , because people want to see a complete image . I was warned about profile shots , because as far as a casting director was concerned , i might only have one ear etc . They might also want to get an idea of the shape your head or face for a role .So id be inclined to say you always need at least one decent face on shot , which allows someone the luxury of seeing you in all your glory . But its only my opinion of course .Every day i learn something new .

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