Stop wasting my time

It could be my own personnal experiences , or perhaps this is a sign of the times . But I'm really fed up of being left waiting for a response to a self tape , or a personnal casting .
You know the situation , your required to submit your application before a certain date , so that the person casting has time to meet you , or consider your emailed self tape/link .
So you do your best to be available , learn a script , or at least read it enough to build a character .
Then silence , nothing , no contact , no email , no message , no texts . So in the meantime , you are left figuring out if the person is to busy to reply , or perhaps to bloody ignorant to send a simple yes or no .
Its even more annoying when the job is low budget affair , because your also trying to juggle money jobs in the real world , to make yourself available for the project . Ive lost money , purely on the strength of a job in the offing , because i got left dangling on a string .
Then , joke upon joke , when you announce you aren't available , the person who's been your contact , gets arsey because you say enough is enough , im not playing this game .
In less than 20 seconds of a clip or casting , you know , that the person who's casting tape you've viewed is right for a project . I dont want to hear the old sob story about , oh we've had so many people apply its been overwhelming . Mass email , mass text . Thanks for your application but you've not been successful this time .
What i dont appreciate is being ignored or worst still being fobbed off with oh im sorry we forgot to get back to you . It doesnt cut the mustard . Its rude , lazy and downright disrespectful .

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Its been interesting viewing all the replies . Ive stayed quiet and absent from the post , because my opinions on this subject won't change . My experiences have shaped my views and well ............. Ive said my piece . I do however have one tiny bit of good news this year . Its taken 4 years to get to this stage , and will be released at quite possibly the worst time in the history of cinema . But Zarrar's cinema trailer has appeared online . it was a crazy project ,with a script being written as i was about to film my scenes. It was one hell of an experience , the total opposite of a UK/USA production , of learning lines and prep . But despite the rush and panic of trying to figure out things on the fly , I enjoyed it and thankful for the experience .Good luck and good health to you all in the coming months .

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