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Posted 16th Mar 2023
London | Photography / Stills
GBP 200 - 200 daily
Seeking a model to represent 'Andrew' in a charity summer cash appeal. Production states: "Andrew will be the focus of our charity's summer cash appeal and his story details how he overcame adversity and trauma with a little support from The Children's Society.

Stills taken as part of this shoot will be used as part of a direct mail pack, being posted to supporters in June 2023. The aim of the pack is to encourage supporters to make a donatio...
Dates & Locations:
Shoots w/c 10 April in London. Exact details TBC.

'Safe Haven'

Posted 15th Mar 2023
London | Short Film
GBP 100 daily
Casting "Safe Haven," a short film being made in conjunction with Islington Borough Council.
Dates & Locations:
Works April 5 in Islington, London.
Posted 14th Mar 2023
London | Product Demo / Explainer Video
GBP 350 daily
Casting a branded piece of content that illustrates the use of various USB Lithium battery-powered tools. Shot over 2 days in a location within the M25.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots w/c 3 April in Manchester, UK.
Posted 13th Mar 2023
Nottinghamshire | Short Film
Casting "Stanley," a short film. Synopsis: Stanley, a hard-working honest man, has a loving family and successful career. However, his world is turned upside down by the imminent and inevitable passing of his beloved mother, which sends Stanley spiralling, scrambling for a way to escape the pit he’s fallen into. This short-film depicts domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse and suicide attempts. Note: Buyout fees to be negotiated.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots April in Nittinghamshire or Derbyshire, UK.
Posted 10th Mar 2023
Music Video
Casting a music video in which a kid is rapping his dad lyrics.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots TBD in London.
Posted 9th Mar 2023
Buckinghamshire | Student Film
GBP 60 daily
Casting "The Debt," a student film. Synopsis: Set in 1930's Glasgow, Robert Adams, following the loss of his wife, sets out on a journey to pay off a debt to a bank. He is desperate to clear his name and restore his reputation, but he lacks the funds to do so. As they travel to the bank, Robert begins to feel the pressure mounting, and has resorted to desperate measures.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots the week beginning 8th May and the week beginning 15th May in Amersham, UK.
Greater Manchester | Short Film
GBP 80 daily
Casting the third and final part of the "Wrestling with Reality" trilogy. Synopsis: 15-year-old Jamie finally regains his memory and remembers what really happened to his older brother during their fight and also the truth behind the events that nearly took the life of his new friend Nathan which puts his whole family in danger when the one person he trusted the most reveals his true colours.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots end of 2023 in Matlock, England.
Posted 8th Mar 2023
London | E-Learning Content
GBP 149 - 150 daily
Casting young actors to audition for the next series of Educational Materials titled "SEC."

Company states: "We are particularly looking for two young actors who's first language isn't English to portray foreign language students in these 'Speaking Videos,' so the actor will speak English with an accent. Any accent except North American, Canadian or Australian would be great.

The videos are for a leading Educational Publisher, they are fo...
Dates & Locations:
Shoots for 2 days at the end of May in North London.
Greater Manchester | Gigs
GBP 30 daily
Looking for talented, reliable and passionate performers to join our books as freelancers for Princess & Character events. Production states; "5* Princess Party business based in Manchester and we offer a range of entertainment packages for special occasions and events. We cover Greater Manchester, Cheshire and further afield upon special request (subject to availability) We also host events at specific venues and at staged events. We are looking...
Dates & Locations:
location, Manchester - ongoing
Posted 8th Mar 2023
Midlothian | Feature Film
GBP 50 - 50 daily
Casting "The Draw," a feature film.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots March 16-April 1 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Note: Actors will only be required for one day or a half day.