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Find jobs for actors in the USA. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting your journey in the world of acting, The Mandy Network, connects you with a wide range of casting calls and auditions across the United States. From bustling metropolises to quaint towns, we cover all the major cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, and San Jose.

At The Mandy Network, actors can discover a multitude of opportunities in various sectors of the entertainment industry. From feature films and short films to plays, commercials, corporate projects, and more, there's a diverse range of roles available for actors of all types and backgrounds.

Types of Acting Jobs

Actors can find a variety of job opportunities on The Mandy Network, including:

  • Feature Films: Land roles in blockbuster movies and independent films produced by major studios and independent filmmakers alike.
  • Short Films: Showcase your talent in short film projects ranging from dramas to comedies to experimental films.
  • Plays: Take the stage in theatrical productions, from Broadway shows to community theater performances.
  • Commercials: Be the face of brands in television commercials, online ads, and promotional videos.
  • Corporate Projects: Work on training videos, promotional materials, and internal communications for corporations and organizations.
  • And more: From voiceover work to television series to web series, there are endless opportunities for actors to hone their craft and showcase their talents.

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Posted 18th Apr 2024
Oregon | Product Demo / Explainer Video
Paying up to: USD 650 flat rate
Casting female or Male actors for an 8-hour shoot. -Note: There will only be 4 lines needed with a teleprompter, you will be working on a computer.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots April 23 in Portland, OR.
Posted 17th Apr 2024
Arizona | Scripted Show
Paying up to: USD 200 - 400 daily
Casting ''Oil,'' a scripted show. Synopsis: When the Wallace family winery tragically burns to the ground, family members turn on each other, plans for revenge unfold, and a mysterious stranger exploits the chaos to his own advantage.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots in Phoenix, AZ.
Posted 17th Apr 2024
New York | Documentary
Casting a number of re-creations for "Cop Shop," a feature documentary.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots April 23-30 in Long Island and NYC.
Posted 17th Apr 2024
California | Short Film
Paying up to: USD 100 - 150 daily
Casting "The Cocaine-Over," a short film. Logline: Calvin, wakes up one day to his estranged mother, Bambi, strapping a brick of cocaine to his chest and sending him out into the unpredictable world, enduring a strange odyssey… (ultimately leading him home.)
Dates & Locations:
Shoots Los Angles, and Bakersfield, CA.
Posted 16th Apr 2024
New York | Product Demo / Explainer Video
Paying up to: USD 250 - 500 flat rate
Seeking models for a supplement company. Production states "I run the media division for a Supplement manufacturing company where we create creative marketing content in the forms of product photography and product videos for our clients. We have 2 projects coming up where we need a model and actor/actress.

One is a video and photo project for a Shilajit gummy product, the other is just a photo project for a Creatine Gummy project. Our budget...
Dates & Locations:
Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY, 11717.
New York | Online Commercial / Video Ad
Paying up to: USD 150 daily
Seeking talent for short video content for young children and high schoolers to help them with executive function skills.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots May.-Jul. in New York, NY
3-4 times a month
Posted 14th Apr 2024
Delaware | Short Film
Paying up to: USD 100 daily
Casting "Chat Enabled," a short film. Synopsis: Maddie's night of escaping into her favorite game descends into paranoia in this psychological thriller.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots August in Port Penn, DE.
Posted 14th Apr 2024
Review / Testimonial
Paying up to: USD 80 flat rate
Seeking passionate US-based creators to create high-quality UGC videos or photos for a supplement brand. Passion for health and wellness and a genuine interest in health and fitness is essential.

Production states: "Our flagship product, Turkesterone and Shilajit, are a natural supplements scientifically backed to support: Muscle Building & Recovery (Gym Rats & Bodybuilders): Increase strength, improve endurance, and recover faster; Maintainin...
Dates & Locations:
Record remotely.
Posted 13th Apr 2024
Tennessee | Feature Film
Paying up to: USD 1518 weekly
"He Named Him Adam," a crowdfunded, pro-life, pro-faith, feature-length drama.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots 2024-2025 in Tennessee, TN.
Posted 12th Apr 2024
United States | General Modeling
Paying up to: USD 200 - 250 hourly
Seeking talented individuals to join an upcoming beauty campaign as Beauty Campaign Talent.
Dates & Locations:
Shoots May 30 in the USA.