• Choices for voices: How to keep your voice in great shape for performance

    SINGING or projecting on stage full time can put a huge strain on your vocal chords thanks to rigorous rehearsal times and multiple performances – but what are the best ways to protect yourself from huskiness and throat frogs?

    7th Dec 2017By James Collins

    Mandy News offers up five tips to keep your voice in perfect condition:

    Drink plenty of water
    Water keeps the body hydrated and vocal cords lubricated. You should also be avoiding caffeine. Although it comes in the form of a liquid, caffeine acts as a drying agent. Dry vocal cords can tighten, which can hinder your range.

Don’t smoke
    Smoking irritates and dries out the throat and vocal cords. And, of course, as we all know, it also causes cancer. Try to stay away from smoky environments and smoke machines in particular.

    Avoid overusing your voice
    Rest it when you get the chance and try to avoid singing along to your favourite tunes at full blast. If your throat begins to feel tired or hoarse then you should stop using it. Oh, and if you need to shout, then it might be worth contemplating using amplification, be this through a loudhailer or PA systems.

    If you are sick, then you need to rest, plain and simple. Your voice will not forgive you just because you need to go out to the shops. Stay in bed, rest your voice and get someone else to help.

    Use a humidifier at home. Dry environments are not good for your vocal cords and using a humidifier to put moisture in the air is one way to help with this, especially in winter when the use of heaters is more frequent.


    • Ian James Seale

      19th Dec 2017

      Get yourself some Vocalzone.After many years as a Lead Singer and Bass Player in a Rock Band, where I simply had no time to rest/lubricate my larynx between songs (as the last chord of the last song was ringing in the air, the drummer would be bringing in the next song with a four-beat - so no time to grab a drink) I discovered Vocalzone lozenges.They're were great in lubricating my throat, clearing my voice and nasal passages, keeping my voice clear and bright - and preventing 'husky'.These days, for VOs, I'll use a Vocalzone before recording, and sometimes have one or two to hand for longer sessions.

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