• How to stay motivated when you are not getting auditions

    Had a bad audition? Not getting any? Mandy News offers up some solutions to help you deal with quiet periods.

    29th Nov 2017By James Collins

    Stay busy
    In between acting jobs, it's important to stay busy. Many actors have other jobs, some long-term and some temporary, for when they are not working. We all know the bills keep coming regardless of whether or not the acting job offers do, so having something lined up can keep you ticking over.

    But, much more than that, working keeps you interacting with people and keeps you active.

    A quiet period is also an opportunity to catch up with friends and family you might not have had time to see while working on your last acting job. Acting jobs often involve a large number of dates, travel and very little downtime. It can feel alien to suddenly have so much spare time after a job ends, but with good planning, this time can be used to your advantage.

    This could be a perfect opportunity to further your skill set. To workshop or take acting classes. Or to learn other skills which could potentially help with future auditions.

    What you learn does not have to be related to acting either. You could learn the roles of other crew members involved in your industry, to give you a better idea of how your industry as a whole. For example, writing or directing classes could help you understand more of what is expected from you.

    Meet up with other actors
    Don’t feel isolated. There are many actors in the same position as you and it needn't be a negative thing. Meet with other actors. This will allow you to talk to each other about your experiences and allow you to understand that you are not alone in this situation.

    There are many groups and places where professional actors are welcome to meet with each other. The Actors Centre in London, UK, for example, provides support to actors throughout their careers. It is a place where actors can develop their skills and be with like-minded people.

    Be optimistic
    It can be difficult to stay optimistic all the time but people can tell if you are not. Every interaction with another person can potentially lead to something else. You never know who you are talking to and where the next job will come from.

    You definitely don’t want to be walking around with a defeatist attitude or to let it stand in the way of your next audition. It is important to remember that this industry is unpredictable at best and a healthy and happy mind will always be more appealing to potential employers. Not to mention extremely important for your own health.


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