• How to maximise your online presence and boost your career

    Love it or hate it, the internet is well and truly here to stay – you're here aren't you? – and many film, TV, theatre, music and dance employers use it as a go-to gauge of who you are and what you are before even thinking about inviting you to a job interview or casting.

    15th Jan 2018By James Collins

    Creating an informative, friendly and professional online presence can work wonders in piquing employer interest and maybe even sealing that deal.

    So check out our Mandy News tips on boosting your visibility online and make things happen!

    Sign up to the right platforms
    There are lots of social media sites out there. Whilst important to have an online presence its also important to make sure you don’t sign up to every new platform that arrives on the market place. Find out what it is you are aiming to do and make sure you are on the correct social media sites for you.

    If you currently have or desire any profile in other territories, then ensure you are aware of sites that exist there, that might not exist in the country where you are from.

    Pick your name correctly
    Most social media sites will ask you for a profile name. If you are using the site for self-promotion it is important to use a name that people will recognise as being yours. If that name is already taken then perhaps use an abbreviation or an underscore between names or the word "official" if appropriate. The important thing here is for people looking for you to be able to find you with ease.

    Also when you pick a name, ideally you want to use the same name across all different social media platforms, making it easier for people to find you regardless of what program they use.

    Social media – the best of the best
    Facebook - You'd have to have been hiding under a rock not to know about Facebook. The platform enjoys over two billion users worldwide and is by far the biggest social media platform in existence. A perfect place to post all types of media – text, video, image – and keep people up to date with what you do.

    Instagram – A photo, video and "stories" based platform. Owned by Facebook, Instagram has now accumulated approximately 800 million users.

    Twitter – A mobile, desktop, and internet-based application that allows users to share pictures, videos and 140 character posts.

    Youtube - One of the very earliest forms of social media that has survived the likes of Bebo and MySpace, YouTube is a video-sharing platform with a large range of options allowing users to upload audio and video up to 4K in resolution. Great for promoting films, series, showreels and music.

    Snapchat – Mobile app that allows users to capture videos and pictures that self-destruct after a few seconds. Perhaps more one for the performers and personalities out there.

    Your website
    It's a good idea to keep all your social media links and information available on your website. Long gone are the days of needing multiple tabs and pages on your personal site. These days its easy to use a company like GoDaddy to create your own site, with the aim of keeping all information on one page so that is clear and precise to the person visiting it.

    Your page will act as a hub for all different types of media. You could also send out mailing list emails with general updates on your progress, to people that subscribe to your email updates.

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