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Mobile is a 3-part British television drama series with an interweaving plot based around a fictional mobile phone operator and the adverse-effect of mobile phone radiation to health. The series was screened by ITV in the UK, during March 2007. The cast includes Jamie Draven, Neil Fitzmaurice, Keith Allen, Samantha Bond, Brittany Ashworth and Julie Graham. It was written by John Fay.

The series is set in Liverpool and Manchester, the main action takes place in the present day, with a backstory of events surrounding the 2003 Iraq War. Alongside Liverpool and Manchester, the series was filmed in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway[citation needed].

Each of the three episodes focuses on a different individual, who is caught up in the overall story. In episode one, Neil Fitzmaurice stars as Eddie Doig, a man who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Blaming the long term use of his mobile phone for his condition, he is persuaded by a hypnotist to mount a terror campaign against masts belonging to a fictitious mobile phone company. In episode two, Iraq War veteran and armed response officer Maurice Stoan (Jamie Draven) is also revealed as part of the campaign. A trained marksman, he shoots people using mobile phones, causing fear and panic among the public. Finally, in the last episode, James Corson (Keith Allen), the CEO of the phone company, is kidnapped by Stoan, Stoan's intention being to assassinate Corson. However, the series ends with a terrifying twist as the truth about those behind the terror campaign is revealed.

Production Company: ITV

Year of Publication: 2007

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